CAIR-NJ Joins Coalition in Solidarity with Rutgers Professor Attacked by Far Right-Wing Indian Nationalists

(SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ, 03/19/2021) – The New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NJ) today co-signed a joint letter, titled “Malicious campaign of intimidation against Dr. Audrey Truschke, associate professor,” expressing solidarity with Rutgers professor Audrey Truschke.

Earlier this month, Truschke, who has previously been attacked by members of the Hindu right several times in the last few years for her research on medieval India, said she had been facing an “avalanche of hate speech, anti-Muslim sentiments, misogyny, violent threats, things endangering my family (yes, I have to leave that vague for safety reasons), and aggression towards my students.”




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Excerpts from Open Letter to Rutgers Executives: 

“The real reason behind the campaign of intimidation against Dr. Truschke is her courageous and unwavering opposition to Hindutva, the supremacist ideology espoused by the RSS and its affiliates. It is this hateful ideology that is the driving force behind the rapidly escalating bigotry and horrific violence in India.”  

“The campaign attacking her scholarly integrity is intended to silence her, curtail her academic freedom as well as her advocacy for peace and pluralism.”  

“Hindutva’s propagandists loathe that Dr. Truschke deploys her scholarship to devastating effect in debunking its supremacist myths they are desperate to perpetuate. These include the spurious claim that India is foremost a country of Hindus and that Muslims and Christians are outsiders, claims that India’s Hindu nationalists use to justify violence against these minorities.”  

“Over time, Dr. Truschke’s powerful voice has helped to bring increased global attention to — and scrutiny of — India’s persecution of its religious minorities, who are 260 million of its 1.3 billion citizens.”


Signed by:   

Hindus for Human Rights
Students Against Hindutva Ideology
Ambedkar International Center
Ambedkar King Study Circle
Dalit Solidarity Forum
Boston South Asian Coalition
Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR – New Jersey
Islamic Society of Central Jersey
Indian American Muslim Council
India Civil Watch International
Coalition to Stop Genocide
ICNA Council for Social Justice
Justice for All
Center for Pluralism
South Asian Left Activist Movement
API Chaya
Stand With Kashmir
The Humanism Project, Australia
Dr. Chloe Breyer, The Interfaith Center of New York
Dr. Aslam Abdullah, Interim President, World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relations (WCMIR)
Dr. Rehan Khan, President, International Society for Peace and Justice 


In a statement, CAIR-NJ Executive Director Selaedin Maksut said:

“Our office offers its full support to Dr. Truschke and her academic scholarship that exposes the evils of far right-wing Indian nationalism.  

“Today’s violence against religious minorities in India is painfully underreported. More needs to be done to shine light on the truth, and Dr. Truschke is leading in this principled effort.  

“The death threats, some of which are laced with anti-Muslim sentiment, received by professor Truschke are disturbing. We ask for Rutgers University to ensure the safety of all its staff and students.”


CAIR’s mission is to protect civil rights, enhance understanding of Islam, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.

La misión de CAIR es proteger las libertades civiles, mejorar la comprensión del Islam, promover la justicia, y empoderar a los musulmanes en los Estados Unidos.


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