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CAIR NJ is a tax exempt organization. Our Tax ID number is 55-0807756


Calculate your zakat with our custom built calculator and read why CAIR’s work is Zakat-Eligible.

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Time to say goodbye? Make that car your ride to Jannah.

Donate your old or broken down car to CAIR-NJ and receive a tax write-off for the salvage value. Cars 4 Jannah is the only Muslim car donation platform that is purposed for putting money into Islamic organizations and institutions. “By Muslims, for Muslims.”



CAIR-NJ is now on which partnered with to accept cryptocurrency donations from your Coinbase or other wallet! Coins are liquidated at time of donation and the value in USD is sent to CAIR-NJ. Search “CAIR-NJ” on or click the button below.

“CryptoZakat is a project focused on helping American Muslims save money while making a larger impact with their zakat and charitable giving by taking advantage of the tax benefits associated with donating appreciated cryptoassets.”  Read more here.

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You may also call us, to make a credit card donation by phone, at (908) 668-5900

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We also accept mail-in checks, please make payable to CAIR New Jersey and send to: 570 Broad St, Suite 703, Newark, NJ 07102

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A gift of stock to CAIR-NJ ensures that we are able to continue defending civil rights and advocating for social justice. To notify CAIR-NJ of your intent to transfer stock, please email or call (908) 668-5900.

Want to leave behind a legacy? This program allows you the opportunity to sustain CAIR-NJ’s future work and success. By including CAIR-NJ in your will or trust, you are supporting our long-term civil rights work, even after your lifetime. For more information about bequests and estate planning, please email  or call (908) 668-5900.

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All information entered on will never be shared with third party agents.

 CAIR NJ is a tax exempt organization. Our Tax ID number is 55-0807756