Be a youth ambassador

The Muslim youth deserve the opportunity to learn how they can become contributors and revivers of the Muslim community. CAIR-NJ has created the Youth Ambassador program with the purpose to encourage and teach our future Muslim leaders on how they can advocate for their Islamic beliefs. Still, we see in many of our New Jersey high schools how students do not have prayer spaces, Eid holiday off, halal food options or the ability to create a Muslim student organization. These accommodations are all rights for our youth to have, making this initiative not only important, but necessary as well.


  • Importance of Civic and Community Engagement in Muslim Community
  • Being Our Own Muslim Voices
  • Improving Awareness and View of Islam
  • Establishing Rights for Muslim Students in Schools 
Causes (what will the Ambassadors advocate for)
  • Eid Holiday Off
  • Halal Food Options in School
  • Prayer Spaces
  • Creating a Muslim Student Association
  • Bullying/Anti-Islamophobia and Sensitivity Faculty Training
Why Join?
  • Doing your part to serve the Ummah
  • Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Volunteering Hours
  • Real-world advocacy experience
  • Engaging with government officials
  • Network with other young Muslim leaders around NJ
  • Gain accommodations for NJ Muslim families
time commitment
  • Availability for monthly meetings (scheduled in advance)
  • Weekly updates
  • Willing to meet with school officials and administrators

Questions? Email

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