Ameer Al-khatahtbeh

Ameer is graduating as a journalism major at Rutgers University and is creating his own publication for Gen-z and millennial Muslim youth. He runs @muslim and his passion lies with social justice and strives to build better unity amongst the Muslim community.


Sundous Abdallah

Sundous is currently an undergraduate student at Montclair State University studying Family Science and Human Development. Sundous has volunteered with various non profit organizations, The Muslim Network and Islamic Relief. Her yearning desire to continue in the non profit sector has led her to CAIR New Jersey. With this opportunity she hopes to assist CAIR in advocating for Muslim and non-Muslim Americans, not only within New Jersey but throughout the U.S.


Mohammed Amer

Mohammed, a striving future lawyer and entrepreneur, is a 2018 Seton Hall University graduate who received a dual degree in Political Science and Philosophy with honors. He was inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha, a Political Science honors society and inducted into Phi Alpha Delta, an International Law Fraternity. 
His passion for social justice and civil liberties inspired him to join the CAIR New Jersey team! 


Woorod Atiyat

Meet Woorod Atiyat, our Media Intern! Woorod is a Seton Hall undergraduate majoring in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Religious Study! Her passion to help the Muslim community has led her to pursue an internship with CAIR NJ. She aspires to be an immigration lawyer in the near future!



Meet our new team member Yasmine Hafez, our Government Affairs intern! Yasmine is a Junior at Rutgers University-NB and is double majoring in English and Political Science on a Pre-Law track. She has been recently inducted into the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society. She strives to utilize her degree to continue her education at Law School and become a Civil Rights Attorney, inshAllah.